Shuttle Buses & Minibuses Rental Service

When planning a trip for a special event, you have many options, such as limousines, party buses, charter buses, or a shuttle bus. Each kind of transportation can be useful or comfortable in different situations. When it comes to transportation for you and your guests, you have a lot of options, which makes for the best experience possible.

Shuttle Buses & Small Bus Service

Shuttle buses aren't the same as they used to be. They've been updated, and now they have lots of cool features. You can now play your own music on shuttle buses and have enough space to enjoy a nice cold drink.

In addition to being comfortable, the price of a shuttle bus for your event can be a big plus. Shuttle buses are used in a lot of places, like colleges, weddings, churches, hotels, hospital shuttles, and public transportation.

Shuttle Bus Company

Depending on the size, shuttle buses can usually hold anywhere from 15 to 40 people. We have everything from a small bus to a minibus that fits 28 people. This bus travel is convenient for airport rides, weddings, bridal parties, birthdays, sporting events, and school events.

The road is the limit. When booking for a certain amount of time, you can always add more time. As a large bus company, we have access to all kinds of bus services, and our prices vary depending on what you need.

Our Selection of Shuttle Buses & Minibuses

15 Passenger Mini Bus Rental Service

15 Passenger Mini Bus

Our smallest minibus is ideal for transporting a group of people to any event. With room for 15 people to sit comfortably, you can take everyone where they need to go. These shuttle buses are often used to take people to church.

Because of how small they are, they can park in regular parking spots, which is very convenient. This 15-person minibus can be very cheap and perfect for your event or other reason you might need our transportation services.

20 Passenger Mini Bus Rental Service

20 Passenger Mini Bus

Our 20-person minibus is also for rent. This smaller shuttle bus can take you anywhere on the ground, including to and from a wedding or the airport. This shuttle bus has room for 14 to 20 people, which is more than enough for getting to and from the airport or a hotel.

When you don't have a lot of space for parking at your event or location, they can be a lifesaver. On our site, you can compare prices for this and other cars to find out how much it costs to rent a shuttle bus.

22 Passenger Mini Bus

22 Passenger Mini Bus

This shuttle bus can take 22 people from one place to another or from one place to another and back. Today, rent this bus to get your group around. There are hotel shuttle buses because they make things easier when convenience is important.

This kind of bus travel is small and comfortable, which makes it very useful. When you rent this kind of minibus, the driver will make sure that you and your guests get where you're going on time. Call us if you need a bus service for a public or private event. We can give you a low price for the bus.

24 Passenger Mini Bus Rental Service

24 Passenger Mini Bus

Do you need to get the team out of town for an away game? This shuttle bus is perfect. It has comfortable seating for up to 24 people and comes with standard amenities. Shuttle Bus Near me you ask?

We serve the whole United States, and we can compare prices for church shuttle buses or any minibus. People are starting to realize that bus travel to places like schools, airports, churches, and weddings can be much more convenient. We're here to assist.

28 Passenger Mini Bus Rental Service

28 Passenger Mini Bus

If your group has less than 30 people, our largest medium-sized shuttle bus is a great choice. Check out our charter bus rentals if you need more. This rental shuttle bus can still fit in a parking lot that isn't the best for parking. Remember that shuttle buses can drop you off quickly at any location, venue, or event.

There are more pros than cons to hiring a shuttle service for a wedding to help people get to and from the venues. People have told us over and over again that our wedding transportation services saved them a lot of time and trouble. Let our professional driver take care of the details to make your special day a magical one.

Nationwide School Bus Rental Service

Nationwide School Bus Rental

Do you want to rent a school bus? Are you planning a trip and need to get a lot of people from one place to another? has a list of all the cheap school buses with drivers that you can hire. We have access to the largest selection of bus rentals, including minibuses, school buses, and charter buses. And if you really want to have fun, you should book our party school bus.

Types of School Buses for Rent

There are a few different kinds of school buses that can be rented, and each one is shaped, sized, and has a different number of seats. Let's look more closely:

Mini School Bus Rental Service

Mini School Bus

A short bus is a bus that is smaller than a traditional school bus and can hold less than 20 people. Leather seats and an audio system are standard in the cabin. In some places, there are upgraded minibuses with TVs.

School Bus Rental Service

School Bus

You can't miss a good old school bus. When you see the big yellow bus pull up, you know fun is just around the corner. Whether you need to move a sports team, a choir, or students, renting a school bus is a cheap option. Rent one today for any special occasion!

Party School Bus Rental Service

Party School Bus

This ride is a converted party bus that used to be a school bus. This rental school bus has leather seats like those in limos, TVs, a premium sound system, and LED light displays that make you feel like you're in a club. Prepare to have a good time with a party bus.

How Much is a School Bus Rental

School bus rentals can be different depending on the size, type of trip, and length of your trip. As one of the cheapest ways to get a group of people from one place to another, school buses will always be the best choice for people on a budget. Call Book the today if you need the best school bus rentals.

What do shuttle services offer?

Book the limo Shuttle Service has the flexibility to accommodate your employee shuttle's growth, a variety of vehicles to choose from, and relevant industry experience. Book the limo will customize a shuttle system to your specific needs, whether you want to provide your staff an alternative to taking the subway or you need to bring third-shift workers into a production plant.

What is the difference between a bus and a shuttle?

The main difference between a shuttle and a bus is that a shuttle is any public service or transportation with a specific route. A shuttle usually has 12 to 20 seats that are made to carry people.

The bus is a type of transportation that goes from one place to another by going through small towns and cities. Buses usually have 100–200 seats. Usually, there are two or three separate sections of seats that are set up so that there is space to walk as well as sit.

What are the two types of shuttles?

Sprinter vans

Sprinter van rentals are a great way to get small groups of people to and from their destinations over short distances. Depending on the model, these vans can comfortably fit anywhere from 8 to 15 people. They also have a variety of extras, like WiFi, air conditioning, and places to put bags.

Sprinter van rentals usually come with a driver, but depending on where you live, you may be able to rent one without one. This is a good option if your group wants to keep costs down.

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, the Ford Transit Passenger, and the Chevrolet Express are the three most common sprinter vans.


Minibus rentals are the perfect mix between a school bus and a coach bus because they can carry up to 21 people at once and have a few extras. These rentals are great for short trips with multiple stops, like corporate events, weddings, or school field trips.

The FordE450 minibus is one of the most common types of minibus. It has air conditioning, a place to store bags, and a driver. The lack of storage space doesn't affect how comfortable a minibus is because it's made for short trips where people don't usually need to bring luggage.

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